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Emergency First Aid/Treatment

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Our best guide yet! Topics include everything you need from a complete mobile First Aid & Treatment guide to help you act quickly and effectively. Also included are notes for professional healthcare providers, international emergency numbers, our CPR Clock™ to correctly pace CPR, videos, and lots more! ¤¤ Offline Access ¤¤ No signal bars? No Internet? No problem, this app will always be ready when you need it. Our guide runs local on your phone, so you will always have a super fast local reference to DOZENS of medical emergencies to help you handle almost ANY emergency quickly, correctly and safely - whenever and wherever you need it.
¤¤ Trusted ¤¤ With in-house medical staff, close cooperation with American Heart Association and Red Cross and millions of hard-copy guides in print, weve been delivering concise, accurate and effective First Aid content for over 30 years! This guide is now also recommended by American CPR Training™ & also recommended by!
¤¤ Only the Content You Need ¤¤ Unlike other guides that are incomplete, hard to read, run only through a web site or, just plain overload us with far too much information on obscure injuries and ailments, this guide is focussed on one thing only: ensuring you can deal with common emergencies quickly, safely and effectively.
¤¤ Emergency Medical Services ¤¤This guide is not meant to replace EMS personnel but will certainly enable you to help victims until professional help arrives on the scene.
Topics include:
• Emergencies: What to Do• Fear and Panic • Choking - Adult• Choking - Child• Choking - Infant• CPR - Unresponsive Adult • CPR - Unresponsive Child • CPR - Unresponsive Infant • Airway / Breathing / Rescue breaths• Defibrillators / AED • CPR Summary • Bleeding, Bruises, Internal Bleeding• Nosebleeds• Heart Attack / Stroke • Asthma Attack • Burns – First, Second & Third Degree• Burns – Electrical• Burns – Chemical• Shock – Anaphylactic (Allergies) • Shock • Fractures & Sprains• Splinting• Back/Neck Injuries• Head Injuries / Concussion• Achilles Tendinitis / Ruptures • Poisoning • Calling Poison Control• Eyes Injuries • Convulsions / Seizures • Diabetic Emergencies • Fainting• Heat Cramp• Heat Exhaustion / Stroke• Cold Emergencies • Frostbite • Bites & Stings - Insects / Bees• Bites & Stings - Spider / Marine• Bites & Stings - Snake / Animal • Fever / Body Temperatures / Chart• Dental Injuries • Drowning• Emergency Births • Emergency Births - What to Do • Emergency Births - Delivery • Emergency Births - After Birth • Crash Scene Procedures • Crush Injuiries• Knife Wounds • Gunshot Wounds• First Aid Kit - Essential Items
• International Emergency Dialler • Making Emergency Calls Overseas • Overseas Travel Tips
• CPR Clock
• Buy Medical Products at a Discount • Safety Video Channel
Like all our phoneflips, this lightweight reference guide has NO Adverts, NO In-App Purchases, never needs an internet connection and wont take up much space on your iPhone or iPad. Portrait & Landscape mode supported.
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